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The WDAY Honor Flight is a certified regional hub of the national Honor Flight Network. The goal of WDAY Honor Flight is to send area veterans to their memorials in Washington, D.C. free of charge. We understand you might have many questions. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t find the answer to your question, contact:

Jane Matejcek at 701-238-7749

Website: wdayhonorflight.areavoices.com


Who can go?  While the previous trip focused on World War II veterans, this time it is open to a broader range of veterans. All veterans are welcome however, the flight is primarily for the relatively small number of World War II veterans who have not gone on previous flights, Korean War veterans and veterans of any conflict who are terminally ill. Veterans from later conflicts are able to apply but these flights will fill up with veterans from WWII, Korea, and those that are terminally ill.

Can I go if I’ve already been on an Honor Flight trip? – No. Because of the heavy demand we want to make sure we have room for veterans who have not yet had an Honor Flight experience.

How do you decide who gets to go? Flight goers are mostly chosen on a first-come, first serve basis. Your application will be date stamped on the day it is received and categorized based upon the era in which you served. We do not take your military record, or medals won into account. However, as per national Honor Flight Network requirements, we give first priority to any terminally ill veteran followed by chronology of service. (For example: WWII veterans followed by Korean War veterans.)

How many veterans will get to go on the flight? The plane we’ve chartered carries 162 passengers. The passenger list will include veterans, guardians, medical staff, volunteers and more.

Can my spouse or family member go on the trip with me? Honor Flight realizes the veterans may need assistance for such things as wheelchairs, medications, etc. You may bring your own family member escort to assist you on the trip: however there is a fee for that escort to travel with you. The escort MUST be capable of handling all luggage and able to push your wheelchair if needed. Unfortunately, The Honor Flight Network guidelines, which we are required to follow, state that non-veteran spouses are unable to serve as an escort (except in rare medical necessities). There will be assistance available on the trip to aid those veterans who may need a little extra help getting around. We strongly recommend that you have an escort if you feel you need to as we want this to be a wonderful and meaningful experience for you. Don’t bring an escort if you don’t need to. We would like to have as many veterans as possible on the flight.

When is the trip?  Our last trip was Nov 2017. (Potential trips are in the works).

What do you do on the trip? Typically, we take off from Fargo early in the morning and fly non-stop to Dulles Airport in Washington, D.C. At that point, veterans will load buses for a possible tour of the sights which may include: the Lincoln Memorial,  Korean Memorial, WWII Memorial, Vietnam Memorial and a changing of the guard at Arlington National Cemetery. That evening we typically have a nice banquet at our hotel with a guest speaker. The next morning, we arise to breakfast and more sightseeing before we get on the bus to take us back to the airport.

Where will it leave from? The flight will take off and return from Fargo, North Dakota. Exact details to follow.

How much does it cost? Not a penny for veterans. All transportation, food, and lodging is paid for our veterans. However, if they would like to bring money to purchase souvenirs that is acceptable. If a veteran wants to fly with a non-veteran companion or guardian that companion will pay $750 which pays for all expenses.

How do I get an application? You’ll find the application right on the website wdayhonorflight.areavoices.com

Is there a medical team on the flight? Yes, there will be a medical team of doctors and nurses on the flight to assist any veterans who might need assistance.

What if the veteran is wheelchair bound? That’s fine.We will have wheelchairs available. Unless your wheelchair is specifically fitted to you, we prefer you leave it at home to prevents any possible damage or loss.

What if veterans are in questionable health? Check with your doctor. This is a fairly vigorous trip. We do not want to put anyone’s health or lives in dangerous. Ask your doctor if you are medically able to go. Our health team will also review your application. If they believe you are not healthy enough to go, they will let you know.

What do we eat? Usually, we’ll have box lunches on the plane as well as on the bus while sight seeing. Our evening meal is a sit-down banquet. The next morning is usually a breakfast buffet.

What if I have special dietary needs? Just let us know on the application and we will make adjustments.

What kind of clothes should I bring? – comfortable and casual are the keys. Make sure you have comfortable walking shoes. Even our banquet that evening is not a dressy affair. Pack lightly.

Can I volunteer to help or go on the trip?  – As you can imagine, many volunteers are needed in the days leading up to the trip, on the trip, and following the trip. If you have interest in volunteering let us know by filling out our Volunteer Questionnaire on this website.

Once an application is mailed, how does someone find out if they’re on the trip?After applications are reviewed, those who have been chosen to be on the flight will be notified via mail.

How many flights will there be? – As of Nov 2017, we’ve had a total of 9 flights. It has not been decided whether there will be additional trips in 2018 and beyond. So much of it depends upon raising enough money.

How much money do you need to raise? That’s hard to say. We are chartering a plane and typically for trips such as this the average cost is approximately $150,000.


If you still have questions, email or call us and we will also be having a pre-flight meeting a week or so before the trip to answer your concerns.