To Volunteer



As you can imagine it takes many, many people to make an Honor Flight happen. We’re always looking for people willing to chip in with their time and talents. If you’d like to volunteer, we’d love it. Volunteer space on the flight itself is very limited. But there is so much that needs to be done. To help us figure out where you’d like to help, please fill out this Volunteer Questionnaire and mail it to: WDAY Honor Flight, Melvin E. Hearl American Legion Post 21, 303 30th St. No., Moorhead, MN, 56560.


Name: __________________________________________________

Club or Organization:_______________________________________

Where do you live:__________________________________________

Phone Number:____________________________________________


What are you interested in doing? ______________________________

Do you have any special skills that we could use? (Accounting, Organizing, Heavy Lifting, Sewing, Artist, Musician, Cook, etc) _____________________________________________________________________

Are you or your club/organization willing to do a fundraiser for us?*     YES   NO    MAYBE

Do you already have a fundraiser planned?    YES NO

If, so, give us the details – What is it, When is it and can we come?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Is it cool if the media covers your event? We’ll tell them to be nice.     YES     NO

Would you like one of our fundraising experts to contact you to give you some advice, ideas, or guidance?   We’ll tell to be nice too. YES  NO


*When it comes to fundraisers, you don’t need our permission to hold one. We’re not crazy. Go for it! Have fun! We appreciate your efforts! But make sure to tell us about it so we can share it on our social media pages and website.